Tired of scrolling for toddler activities that take hours to prep, but minutes to play?

Discover the beauty of custom play ideas:
play designed just for you and your little one!

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The BOOK OF PLAY for the toddler in your life!

A custom-made print and play manual of activities created specifically for your child, so you can save time on the prep and get straight to the play!

A Downloadable Ebook, so you can have play ideas on hand wherever you are, even if it’s in the doctor’s waiting room!

20+ Simple Play Activities, allowing you to cut down on the prep time, and remove that barrier to play 

A mixture of play styles, so you can discover more of how your child likes to play, making it easier for you to create even more engaging play in the future!

Play ideas based on your child’s interest–introduce new play confidently, expanding the way that they play

Easy Toddler Crafts–let your child create with some independence, and gain confidence in their own abilities, (and maybe, just maybe, you can have a hot cup of coffee whilst they do it!)

Playful learning ideas, meaning your child can enjoy learning new skills, without even realising it

Book recommendations, so you can engage your child with books that intrigue them, and get them excited about reading

Prompts & Props for imaginative play, which encourages your child to think creatively and develop their social skills along the way

Developmental Pointers Throughout,

so you can confidently know you are helping your child to hit those milestones


Printable PDF Pack, with all the resources you’ll need to get playing right away, and lots of print and play activities for the busy days

Printable Supplies Checklist, most things you’ll have but for those few crafts bits and bobs you need, I’ve made is super easy with a quick grab-and-go list

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